Affordable Elevator LLC


We Provide Elevator and Cargo Lift Accessories in Myrtle Beach, SC and the Carolinas

o you want a customized cargo lift for your home or business? We at Affordable Elevator LLC can do that for you to make sure your lift is fully customized according to your needs! Choose from our featured elevator and cargo lift accessories below. They are available in Myrtle Beach, SC and can be shipped anywhere in the Carolinas. If you want to add extra height to our Voyager model, we have extra height beams with a custom basket size. We also have custom designed gates available and all of our cargo lifts can be powder coated with any color you want. 

Take a look at our featured cargo lift accessories in Myrtle Beach, SC.


Although our standard cargo lifts only have one gate, we can include additional gate locations if needed.


This gate add-on is installed on the deck itself to match where the cargo lift opens.


Our standard cargo lifts already include one remote control. However, we can provide additional remote controls if needed.


Whether you need a bigger or smaller basket size, we can customize the basket size to fit the space available.


If you want to add an extra safety feature to your lift, we can install a safety switch on the bottom of your lift. This will stop the lift immediately if it touches an object.


This add-on features handheld remotes as well as 3 stops.


This is another safety feature for the deck gate. Unless the basket is already in position in front of the deck, it will not allow the deck gate to open.


We have canvas canopy tops available to shield the occupant or whatever is inside the lift. They are also available in different colors.


Our lifts can be powder coated with any color you want. You can even match the lift to your house colors.

At Affordable Elevator LLC, we understand that there may be certain circumstances where you will need additional lift accessories to fully accommodate your needs. You may need a bigger basket because you will be lifting bigger items. You may need a canvas canopy top because the lift is located in an area of your home where it is not shielded by the roof. You may also need a deck gate for added protection and the like. Whatever elevator or cargo lift accessories you need in Myrtle Beach, SC, we can provide it for you. Our add-ons and accessories are also available to the Carolinas and can be shipped worldwide.

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